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Rule number 2: No A**holes. This simple notion has taken us far. Rotted in a culture we prosper so, do you. I am referring to The Agency RE rule number two out of seven in their business model. This is not the point of this blog.

But now that I got your attention,  what is really important and revolutionary in the real estate market is the www.PLS.com concept which was introduced at the new office of The Agency RE in Boca Raton, Florida in February of 2019

What is PLS.Com?

PLS.Com was founded by Christopher Dyson and is a free service provided only to Real Estate agents. The Pocket Listing Service is the first private platform for agents across the country to consolidate, share and search exclusive Pocket listings in their area.

This private platform for real estate agents might be new to South Florida Real Estate professionals but it was given birth and rolled out in Beverly Hills, California around 2016.

If you consider yourself a buyer’s agent or have a buyer, you probably already know that most property platforms are in the public domain. Thus diluting an agent’s ability to provide inventory to which a client does not already have access. The PLS brings the power of knowledge and exclusive information back to the agent.

If you have a seller with an unrealistic price point in mind, This gives the sellers the option to test the price point without accruing precious “Days on the Market” or compromising agent audience. Can then list to the MLS using compelling data and feedback.

Unfortunately, since the Agency Boca Raton office is an independently owned and operated office from the original “The Agency RE”, it appears there is some dysfunctional behavior, ideas, cohesiveness between the managing partners and broker. We shall wait and see how this all turns out as time goes by.

That being said, that does not diminish from the value of the PLS.Com since it was originated by the original “The Agency RE” Beverly Hills, California.

Real Estate professionals, what are you waiting for? It is a FREE membership to join PLS.Com. Feel free to share your questions below especially if you live in the South Florida area.