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Real Estate Broker and Owner of Signature West LLC

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Independent Contractor Agreement

Attention South Florida New Or Seasoned Real Estate Agents If you are a seasoned, new or thinking about becoming a real estate agent, please continue reading.

There is a common theme in most by most I mean almost all brokerages only in South Florida where this business model is very dominant. It is to charge their agents a fee and honestly deliver very little in return. The truth is that’s how the brokerage stays profitable or they think they are.

These fees for a seasoned, new or someone thinking about becoming a real estate agent can add up. The question is why are agents or ( most agents ) find that model acceptable …oh wait that’s how its been done in South Florida for decades. Not so I say and all you need is to spend some time looking into better options and make the right decision for YOU.

To name a few, Compass Real Estate opened recently in Las Olas, The Agency RE recently opened in Boca Rotan, Aventura, and Coral Gables and there are few small boutiques following the normal business models, which is very simple;

  • Look after your agents, since the agents are the blood of the brokerage
  • Invest in win/win collaborations between the agents and the brokerage, because  this is a career, not a hobby
  • It’s about quality, not quantity

If you do not believe me, look at places like Californa, Chicago, and New York brokerages business models..Times are changing and you are either the 1st one on the bus or the last one leaving the bus.

All of this might mean nothing to you, What really matters in your opinion is what resonates with who YOU are and what makes you HAPPY.

Cheers to all, and remember change is the only thing that is constant. I appreciate our relationship and I stand by to offer any information/advice/perspective to you and your friends as needed.