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Born in North Africa just a few miles from the Egyptian Nile, Joseph moved to Los Angeles at the age of thirteen seeking a better education. After studying interior design at UCLA, I worked at an interior design firm where I learned what it takes to make a home look beautiful both inside and out. My next journey began in 1992 as a real estate consultant.

During his 23 career journey as a real estate consultant, he realized that being a successful negotiator and strategist was not enough to satisfy his appetite for life, so he began his soul-searching process. He found out that doing business with the right consciousness along with respect for human dignity is the perfect recipe for success. Seven of those years he mastered the world of social media and won the 2011 blogger of the year award.

In 2015 till 2018 Joseph decided to embark into the world of South Florida and became

*Real Estate Broker
*Certified Conscious Business Trainer
*Book Author
*Social media and branding strategist

Although selling Real Estate was never his true love , but merging two worlds together like “sellers and buyers ” , Solving “Selling and Buying agents” problems with a dash of creativity, blogging on the latest hot topics, video making and training the new kids on the block to master conscious driven business practice.. that’s where the love and passion collided.

In 2020 Joseph made his way back to Palm Springs California , where he spent most of his younger years taking mini vacations out side of Los Angeles. The truth is there are no high-rises in Palm Springs , one is surrounded with mountains that are covered in snow in the winter , Palm Tress are the choice of landscaping. , dry climate in the summer and being at 587 feet above sea level. The goal is to make some noise , stay hungry ..be of value and also haunting for new opportunities