Joseph West

Real Estate Broker and Owner of Signature West LLC

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Every great company begins with valuable resources/team that is made of consummate professionals. Signature West believes in collaboration, integrity, and being conscious-driving. Signature West created a team of valuable professional resources by vetting every single one. Each one was either did business with or met one on one and was asked the most prudent question; Does he/she knows what makes a consummate professional? Everyone nailed the right answer and just  [ Read More ]

Real Estate Associates, Associate Brokers, opportunities Knocking Signature West Real Estate services in Fort Lauderdale was given birth by Joseph West Broker and owner in late 2018. Joseph is 25 years veteran in the Real Estate industry from Beverly Hills, California and recently relocated to South Florida. We know and understand no one can build a brand/business alone, no one is that smart. We believe in collaboration and we are  [ Read More ]

Evil speech is when we don’t speak up for the right reasons A few days ago I shared my horrible hate assault incident that took place at Starbucks located at 2309 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale Florida. To make a long story short Starbucks allowed a regular customer to drink alcohol on the premised leading to him getting drunk leading to him assaulting me for no giving reason an eventually being charged with a misdemeanor. You can read the entire story at  [ Read More ]

Dear Starbucks your employees lack human dignity. On April 12, 2019, at your Fort Lauderdale located at  2309 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305, this took place: I am not sharing this to be a victim and I am not posting the photos or the video that witnesses took. I was at your location mentioned earlier sitting outside enjoying myself. Next to me was a white middle-aged male seemed drunk so  [ Read More ]

Signature West: A Star Is Born

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Signature West: A Star Is Born Signature West Real Estate services in Fort Lauderdale was given birth by Joseph West Broker and owner in early 2019. Joseph is 25 years veteran in the Real Estate industry from Beverly Hills, California and recently relocated to  South Florida. Discovering that South Florida Real Estate business models is not only far different from California but from the rest of the nation, there for Joseph  [ Read More ]

Building An Exclusive Team Of Consummate Real Estate Professionals With 25 years of experience in the Real Estate market out of Beverly Hills, California. I am building a team of exclusive consummate Real Estate Professionals to set the standards to a higher level in South Florida. I focus on what I love the most. I love taking Sales Associates to the next level and stand out from the rest. There are 30,000  [ Read More ]

Only in South Florida, one will find the realtors’s obsession with the term lead generation. For South Florida, Real Estate agents,’ Lead Generation ” stands for: “In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer ” seller or a buyer “interest or inquiry into buying or selling Real Estate”. Almost if not all South Florida realtors are dependant 100% on this program/ service to run their business.  The program can cost around $500 a month  [ Read More ]

Rule number 2: No A**holes. This simple notion has taken us far. Rotted in a culture we prosper so, do you. I am referring to The Agency RE rule number two out of seven in their business model. This is not the point of this blog. But now that I got your attention,  what is really important and revolutionary in the real estate market is the concept which was introduced at the  [ Read More ]

Integrity, Keeping Your Word And Real Estate Brokers what is integrity according to Google?  It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness. What is keeping your word according to Google? It is: honor one’s promises, as in You can count on. How does integrity and keeping your word elevate a Real Estate Broker’s life especially in South Florida? Simple : Brokers: Treat your clients and  [ Read More ]

Miami Association Of Realtors

Miami Association Of Realtors, Quantity Vs Quality With over 43,000 members, Miami association of realtors stand to be the largest local Realtor association in the country. I remember someone telling me when I 1st moved to Miami “there are as many realtors as there are cars in Miami Dade County”. In case you are wondering Miami is known for too many cars and traffic. You would not find the same  [ Read More ]