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How To Recruit Real Estate Agents?

Posted by joseph January - 9 - 2019 0 Comment

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents? I have to be honest, the recruiting thing is a bit new to me, usually, someone else did that and I was responsible for: Teaching Conscious Business Practice Mentoring Branding Strategist Business Development Since I got the additional task for recruiting Real Estate agents and I love a challenge, I said: ” bring it “. Then something interesting happened, once the word got out  [ Read More ]

Recruiting for: the consummate Real Estate Professional is not exactly a walk in the park. It involves researching, interviewing and often being stood up, dining, wining and all sort of creative ways to find the one. That being said, recruiting can also be lots of fun. As a Brokerage Company you might want to be 1000% clear on who are your competitors are and clear on the following : What is your culture, brand? What is  [ Read More ]

Real Estate Brokers And Agents Taking Pride In Working 24/7. Not only it is dangerous as I will explain later on, but it is extremely unrealistic and simply impossible. As I traveled through the Real Estate circuit in the last few years in South Florida, I noticed a strange phenomenon in the way Real Estate Brokers and Agents taking pride in branding themselves as a 24/7 he/she. Here is the danger behind  [ Read More ]

New Year’s Resolutions And Real Estate Agents

Posted by joseph December - 30 - 2018 0 Comment

New Year’s Resolutions And Real Estate Agents. Let’s be honest 80% of new year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February, so the odds are against you. What are the most common New Year’s resolutions for real estate agents? Make X  amount of money Selling  X amount of houses Be one of the top producers you get the picture right? these are not resolutions these are expectations and with expectations usually comes  [ Read More ]

Best Kept Secrets On Amazon,Kindle And IBooks

Posted by joseph December - 15 - 2018 0 Comment

Best Kept Secrets currently on Amazon Kindle and iBooks is the latest book by Joseph West. His previous book was titled “Without Family Ties“. The idea of the book came after, one Christmas Day, his neighbor gave him a present and said, “This is because I know you like to write.”It was a small black notebook with the words on top in gold letters saying ” Best Kept Secrets ” and that is when  [ Read More ]

Independent Contractors, Contracts And The Fine Prints. Independent contractors according to the IRS are the ones in which get paid by a W2 form at the end of the year as appose to a 1099 form. Some independent contractors believe they are self-employed, which is partially true in some cases and partially not true especially when it comes to Real Estate Agents. Most Real Estate agents believe they are self-employed because they are independent contractors.  [ Read More ]

Compass Real Estate in South Florida

Posted by joseph November - 2 - 2018 0 Comment

Compass Real Estate is a major player in the real estate market now in South Florida. It is  innovative and progressive with certain qualities and principles It is all about Culture building It is all about being outside the box It is not the status quo Compass business model is about, agents ( I prefer the word consultants ) paying no fess and getting the maximum amount of training and  [ Read More ]

Wilton Manors Business Association Community Expo

Posted by joseph October - 25 - 2018 0 Comment

The first Wilton Manors Business Association Community Expo took place at “Wilton Station “ Condominiums building.WMBA known as Wilton Manors Business Association decided for the 1st time to take its members/business owners to the community and Wilton Station was the 1st choice. The idea was: To connect with some of the community members For the community to get to meet the local business owners face to face and see or  [ Read More ]

Las Olas 2018 Winter fest Boat Parade

Posted by joseph October - 4 - 2018 0 Comment

Las Olas is known for its creativity , art festivals , restaurants and of-course Real Estate. As the holiday season approaches so does the Las Olas 2018 winter fest boat parade. The Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Boulevard enjoys a substantial event and dock space along the New River and has the best views of the beginning of the parade. The hotel hosts many separate parties for the public and  [ Read More ]

Thirty thousand registered real estate agents in Broward and Palm Beach Counties combined. How will you stand out? How will you be different? 1st let’s understand what BRANDING means, most if not all Real Estate agents have the wrong idea of the term branding. Real estate is what you do it is not your brand. People buy what you do because WHY you do it, by why I mean what is your  [ Read More ]