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Conscious Business Practice

Posted by joseph January - 13 - 2019 0 Comment


Conscious Business Practice

Working 9 to 5 is enough to make you crazy if you let it. We live in a culture when often it is all work and no play, we don’t stop and ask the question, What is this all about?

Working extra hours to achieve the American dream to find out the disappointments once the dream is actually achieved. For the most part, we are never continent and more is never enough.

In order to be a great CEO of a company or a great late night cleaning crew, one must achieve clarity in the consciousness behind the mindset. Conscious Business Practice, is just good business. The bigger question is, why do you get up in the morning and why should anyone care?

So what is the secret behind the “why”? , it’s the intention. The intention is the law between you and greatness. Intention depending on how we use it will determine the outcome.  However, not every good intention can lead to greatness, as the old saying goes” the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

 We often show up in our robotic consciousness state waiting to be served or told how and what to do. Without any clear intention just going with the flow, day in and day out. Jumping out of bed once the alarm goes off, grabbing the caffeine, pushing shoving and asking for more. This usually never turns out well. Conscious Business Practice, is the new paradigm for sustainable success.

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  • Intention
  • Culture
  • Leadership

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