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Real Estate Broker and Owner of Signature West LLC

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Integrity, Keeping Your Word And Real Estate Brokers

  • what is integrity according to Google?  It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness.
  • What is keeping your word according to Google? It is: honor one’s promises, as in You can count on.

How does integrity and keeping your word elevate a Real Estate Broker’s life especially in South Florida? Simple :


  • Treat your clients and your team with the highest level of integrity and always keep your word.  Your reputation will last you forever but not how many closings, listings or how much money you or your corporation is making.
  • Keep your word to your team of consultants/agents
  • Be generous with your referral fees, what you give will come back to you twice as much, it’s a universal law
  • It is not about growth and quantity, but rather about quality. Because growth comes with its own set of inevitable problems, or in other words ” being a sell out “. Look at the history of other brokerages.
  • Greed is the opposite of integrity, be clear on which lane you want to stay in.
  •  your independent contractor contracts should protect and benefit all parties signing the contract.  

This process requires a high level of conscious Leadership which is a new paradigm for sustainable success. Conscious business practices fall into four mutually reinforcing disciplines/principles

  • Know your Why / Purpose
  • Stakeholders
  • Culture
  • Leadership

I found in my last three years of research, most if not all Brokers in South Florida do not know what Conscious Business Practice mean, they might think they do or talk as they do, but the truth is when it comes to practicing it, it was like finding the needle in the haystack.

At the end of the day, practicing integrity and keeping your word in any business you are running, is the ultimate way to greatness. You want to be GREAT, or pretend to be great? The answer is simple …

Walk the walk and talk the talk of integrity and keeping your word.

I appreciate our relationship and I stand by to offer any information/advice/perspective to you and your friends as needed.

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